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  • Devoteam G Cloud helps you transform the way you work by maximizing collaboration in your company with Drive for Work.
    Drive for Work is the collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large companies. In addition to offering unlimited storage, Drive for Work also includes Google Apps services for business: Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Calendar, Google+, etc.

"In the office or on the move, your employees can easily work
and create together"

    • Store all your files with unlimited storage
      • Unlimited storage capacity allows you to keep all your documents in the cloud with Drive.
      • You can access all documents in real-time and share them within your ecosystem.
      • No more limits on the size of your attachments
    • Work more easily on the move
      • Access your documents from your computer, smartphone and tablet
      • Synchronize documents on all your mobile devices automatically
      • Create, share and edit documents easily wherever you are.
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    • Share your files safely
      • Precise management of access rights to documents: read, comment, edit
      • Version management of all your documents from their creation
    • In a working environment managed and verified by the IT department
      • Protect critical business information with Google Apps Vault
      • Follow user activity with a supervision console
      • Manage, store and export emails and recorded chats with eDiscovery.
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They've gone Google for Work
  • Kiloutou
    This company has 300 rental agencies and 2,500 employees in France. Setting up collaborative tools increased employee productivity and satisfaction of workers in the field, as well as facilitated mobile synchronisation between colleagues.
  • Prisma Media
    Prisma Media is the second largest magazine publisher in France. In a month and a half, Devoteam G Cloud and Prisma Media DIS migrated its 1,400 user accounts. The focus was on communication, with demonstrations, questions via Google Drive forms, video conferences and training sessions.
  • Aperam
    Aperam is the world leader in stainless steel (previously part of ArcelorMittal). Thanks to the Google for Work solution, Aperam realised significant savings in its IT budget. Moreover, this company of 10,000 employees created a more unified organisation.
  • SelectourAfat
    Since the migration to Google Apps, Selectour has benefited from the speed and reliability of Gmail and increased storage through Drive. Agents can access all information in real-time, anytime, anywhere, on any device, which improves reactivity and client follow-up.
  • Celio
    Before switching to Google Apps, Celio's regional managers had to make a lot of calls to collect information. Google Apps now lets them automatically collect, centralize and share data internationally. Each employee creates, modifies and shares documents and sites without IT intervention.
  • Euromedex
    Euromedex, specialized in the international distribution of medicines, replaced its Exchange email with Google Apps to unify messaging between different international sites and to provide both collaboration capabilities and a more reliable and innovative solution to meet users' growing needs.
  • Fred & Farid
    Fred & Farid, an independent digital communication group, switched to Google Apps, which offers technical, financial and ergonomic advantages to both users and administrators. There's now no limit to creativity!
  • Aigle Azur
    Aigle Azur is France's oldest airline company and has 900 employees today. The switch to Google Apps allowed Aigle Azur to lighten its physical infrastructure and to focus on its core business and their quality of service.
Devoteam G Cloud
  • A French pioneer on Google for Work and an European leader, Devoteam G Cloud is a Preferred Partner of Google for business. From consulting to training, we assist companies in their digital transformation through Google Cloud solutions for businesses.

  • Our teams of certified consultants combine their know-how and technical expertise on all Google for Work solutions. Today, hundreds of domestic and international customers trust Devoteam G Cloud.

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